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Between free offers and paid training, certified or not, it is not easy to choose among the language courses available on the market. A few questions arise: what are online English lessons really worth? Can we learn English for free in e-learning? Can we learn quickly? How to make a choice ? Studyrama Pro takes stock.

In recent years, training and formulas have been developing online for learning languages, and English in particular.

The offers even exploded during the first confinement, and are victims of their success. The choice of the course and the appropriate formula will depend above all on the objectives set, whether personal or professional.

Free quality offers on the Internet to improve your English

Sites and applications to learn English for free abound on the web. Not easy to check their relevance or not. Despite everything, some have acquired significant notoriety thanks to the quality of their offer. With in mind, BBC Learning English , which comes in the form of a mobile application or a website. The offer here is free and will suit all levels. Videos, audio files, pronunciation exercises, grammar, vocabulary … But also programs like “6 Minutes English”, a series of podcasts accompanied by written questions and vocabulary that allows you to work on a subject in just a few minutes. There are topics like “Are trees intelligent? or “Singing in tune”.

In France now, the Ile-de-France Region launched its own language learning platform, Qioz , in 2019, which of course offers modules in English. Here too, no level is required; the platform is accessible free of charge to all Ile-de-France residents from the age of 15. The site, also available on smartphone and tablet, offers to learn English on excerpts from films and series such as Game of Thrones or Avengers, but also documentaries in their original version and music videos. In all, more than 1500 contents are available. Last December, the platform was enriched with modules focused on the professional world for the trades of sales, tourism, communication, security and finance.

Learning quickly when you are a beginner, is it possible?

In addition to free content, there are paid and certified online training offers . For Jean-Charles Brandely, CEO of L’Ecole Française, “in a few weeks, it is possible to learn certain basics. Our training courses generally take place over four weeks, totally remotely. ” If the specialist recognizes that to be bilingual, it is not enough , a few evening classes or the follow-up of online modules ” restore the bases and are enough to be operational. It’s a good balance between a certain personal investment and a real concrete benefit. »

As on the free platforms mentioned above, the educational formulas are varied. The school offers videos, MOOCs, quizzes, but also live interactions with a coach. And Jean-Charles Brandely added: “The video is really relevant! We immerse ourselves, we listen, it is essential. All alone at home, there is no longer the existing embarrassment in class , it has disappeared. » In any case, make sure that the paid training you have chosen is certified . Because it will thus be fundable, in part or in full, by your CPF ( personal training account ).

Choose a course based on your goals

The choice will necessarily depend on the personal investment that you agree to put into learning English . Free solutions or certified modules lasting a few weeks will suffice to solidify existing bases or to create new ones

In a professional context , he strongly advises “to seek certifying and adapted educational content to really progress . How do I present myself professionally in English? How to interact with a customer or supplier? It cannot be improvised. All that remains is to get started and above all, don’t be afraid to start with “franglais”

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