How to write a dissertation

Analyze the subject of your homework and the constraints to be respected.

Your text must respond to your teacher’s requests. So, you must check that the subject you have chosen corresponds to his expectations. Then, it will be necessary to make sure to write the type of writing desired (presentation, report, dissertation, etc.) and to carry out adequate research. Indeed, it would be a shame to carry out all the work of documentation and writing an assignment and to realize at the end that it is poorly done or off topic.

If your teacher gave you an evaluation grid, you have everything you need to get a good grade. Use this document to check that your writing corresponds to all its requests.

Do some research

Learn about the topic you are discussing. Based on what you have learned, try to fix your own ideas on the matter. Take notes on points that pique your interest. You can even go deeper into certain aspects that captivate you. Next, arrange your notes so that they form a thesis on the subject matter.

The documents you will consult during your research will constitute your sources. You must therefore verify that they are authentic and that you can show them to your teachers.

You can search the Internet , books, and different academic databases to find reliable primary and secondary sources.

If you find that the chosen subject lacks interest,

it is not too late to choose another one that inspires you more.

Present your problem. This part of your document will lay out your ideas and your thesis. During your research, think about the questions you ask yourself and the patterns you identify. Ask yourself also about your observations and your reactions. This personal questioning will allow you to find your thesis, that is to say the common thread of all your reflections  .

A good problem statement will briefly express the main idea of ​​your text in one or two sentences. She must also:

explain all the points you will address;

explain the relevance of your argument;

be stated logically;

appear at the end of the introduction.

Here is an example of a problematic: in the tale “The seller of indulgences” , the main character shows his hypocrisy, and admits that he seeks to satisfy his greed by selling his indulgences while committing the sins that he himself condemns.

Conduct additional research to back up your claims. In most cases, your first investigations will not be enough to write a good assignment. You will need to do further research to find sources that support your claims and arguments. Starting with general research on your topic, you will move on to targeted investigations aimed at identifying information that supports your point of view.

Always check that your sources are reliable . Make sure they are objective by researching their author and checking if they are published by a trusted organization.

Academic journals, Internet databases, and books are the best places to look for credible sources.

Make a plan of your future text. This is the skeleton of your duty. It allows you to organize your ideas in the best possible way. During this phase, do not worry about the examples you will have to cite. Simply plan the organization of your text. This step may seem superfluous, but it will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Write down where your arguments come from so you don’t have to look for the information a second time. Indeed, this second search could prove to be very tedious.

Your outline should include the structure of your introduction, body text, and conclusion. In the introduction, you will need to pique the reader’s interest and state your thesis. In the body of the text, you will support your reasoning. Finally, the conclusion will allow you to recap everything.

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